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Day 10- self love

Day 10 self love A little of what you fancy does you good! So today-know what you love. So many of us have dreams, hopes ambitions, but switch off and turn on tv instead. Not to say there is anything wrong with tv-it’s entertaining, informative, relaxing! But mindlessly watching whilst scrolling through Facebook posts-yes all those ones we know are the rose tinted view of life and you can get stuck in a rut. What do you actually want to achieve in your life? You say there’s no time but if you add up tv or social media hours, would you actually have more time than you think? And would this actually be more rewarding and fulfilling long term? Remember your happy list from day 6 of everything you love doing. Have you started to implement these yet? What is stopping you? And if you have started how are you feeling? More alive? Energised? I’ve been making time for more inspirational podcasts and talks and it’s definitely lifted my spirits! However one thing did come to me about this list-incidentally from my days working with children-and making balloon models-(promise this will be relevant-bear with)- is that some children really thought about what they wanted and then were so overjoyed with the result, where as others saw some children with rabbits or dogs and wanted those, then five minutes later wanted something entirely different because, that next little boy had a sword or that next little girl had a butterfly. They discarded the first balloon with little thought and never saw it the treasure that those who considered their choice and really lit up when they received it did. It makes me think of times I’ve made an impulse purchase to quell a need and then instantly needed another quick fix after because I wasn’t truly satisfied by the first. So my question is-are those things on your list really truly what makes you happy and lights you up inside? Or are they the quick fixes that don’t last? Make sure your list is filled with the first for the most fulfilling happiness! 

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