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Day 12 self love

Day 12, self love challenge. As this is the mid point the book asks us to reflect on our original score of self love from the start. Where do we feel it is now?! Has it improved? I feel that I have improved in self love in some areas; I have been doing things that make me feel good-like listening to the podcasts that lift my spirits, I’m thinking of my strengths and speaking my affirmations. On the other hand then it asks how I’m doing and I feel the pressure to immediately be perfect and be able to tell you all I’m completely self loving to be the perfect advocate for it, and realise I’m stuck covering the same ground being a perfectionist, and then get frustrated at myself. (You can even note the spiral in my extremely long sentence there) But today-I also remembered when I spiralled, in that headspace of wanting to be enough in this blog that I was aware of the spiral and that is the most important thing. Well that and what I do with my awareness-so I dusted myself down and gave myself a pep talk. I am me and I am also climbing this tower of self love-there might be times when I look out of the tower and see the same view (of those nagging doubts or insecurities and find they have raised their ugly heads) but from higher up the tower I have a better vantage point also to be able to defend myself from them! Therefore I am making progress, and also able to enjoy the journey for what it is rather than judge myself for where I am en-route to self love and get the whip out because how self loving would that actually be??! Maybe take this time to redefine the areas in which you need to be more self loving and which of these activities has been most effective this last 11 days. You might even make a note of these to use again and also note those which don’t seem to work for you. Don’t worry if they don’t-we are all different and what works for one, might be the complete opposite of what works for another. If it helps remember all the progress you have made and my little tower analogy-the window one floor up may also look over the same site but will also have a higher perspective! One last thing to leave you with-I caught part of an episode of Bear Grylls the Island where he is saying “two things to remember, courage and kindness, they’re going to sustain you and help yourselves when it’s difficult. Are you ready for this?!”

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