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Day 14 self love

Day 14 self love Ok so today the book tells us to challenge ourself. Self love is all about habit forming and by now we are hopefully well on our way with that! It asks us to step outside our comfort zone, try something that we previously have thought impossible. It suggests we should:- Try a new skill Travel Be kind Try something new Dare to do things we know we are good at and enjoy being proud! Ok so today I really didn’t know what to write. Writers block maybe. And my friend suggested Dan Brown’s technique of hanging upside down to allow more blood flow to my head-to increase brain capacity! Great idea-except I also had a filling today and suddenly every nerve ending was on fire! But it then made me think of Tony Robbins and the powers of trained thinking. He runs his courses where people walk over hot coals-literally-not figuratively. I met a lovely girl at an audition once who had done just that and she showed how her feet were fine all but for one blister when she stopped saying “cool moss” (which is apparently what they say instead of thinking of these hot coals) So proof that they actually do complete this feat! Amazing! It just shows how a person can step outside their comfort zone of fluffy slippers to walk on glowing coals with the powers of positive thought. What we believe we can do, we can! Of course sometimes there is the odd blister along the way-but she said that actually increased her learning! She knew the coals were actually hot, so the rest of the feat was all the more impressive. She also understood how important it was to stay focussed on what she wanted, so that she would achieve it, for the minute she lost concentration she got the blister. And lastly the little blister served as a reminder to her of these things! Now I’m not suggesting you walk over hot coals-absolutely not! Especially without any trained professional to psych you up! But it fascinated me on the powers of the mind! Let’s as the book says “change our mental software” and reprogram it to help us be who we want to be and grow in ways we want to! What would you like to try? What is stopping you? How can you enrich your life by just going for it? What is the worst than can happen if you try it? What is the worst that can happen if you don’t? What can you learn from the whole experience? Dare yourself to step in to your stretch zone-and be prepared to be amazed at what you can achieve. With a little focus and belief!

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