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Image by Allie Smith


Most recently I have begun to work for Goldster (care visions for healthy ageing), delivering weekly zoom workshops as part of their programme for their clientele, addressing concerns about what happens after retirement to be able to enjoy those years rather than feel obsolete.

I also currently work in the mental health sector, for the NHS and an anger management charity helping clients regain control of their emotions and re-establish their value as individuals. I deliver one to one sessions as well as group workshops catering to the needs of the clients in question. 

Last year during lockdown I worked in drama and performing arts schools, delivering zoom workshops and one to one sessions to help clients find their focus during this challenging time for the arts. Teaching them tools and techniques to help individuals build confidence that can transcend in to performance.

Previous to this I have travelled to Europe and the USA  delivering workshops to the business sector on building confidence and communication, which included understanding different personality types so they were better equipped to negotiate deals and feel confident in their own skills when doing so. 


I am really excited to work with individuals, businesses and groups who are passionate about their own growth. I am inspired to work with anyone who has recognised a dream they want to pursue or an area of themselves they want to grow in. As long as you are committed to the journey I am committed to travelling with you! If we do what we have always done we will get what we have always got, so I am inspired to work with creative people who are ready to break their existing moulds to grow in to the most fulfilled versions of themselves.

Previous to this the clients and businesses I have worked with have been from a variety of backgrounds including the medical, performing arts, engineering, automotive and industrial sectors. There is something for every individual and business to gain from coaching if they are ready to embark on the journey.



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