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I am a life coach, working with individuals and businesses. I have worked within all sectors from industrial, medical, creative to construction and performance. Having a background in performance and presenting I also specialise in creating powerful communication and confidence building, especially for presentation.  I am passionate about people and helping individuals and businesses unlock their inner potential. Training alone increases productivity by 22% Training plus coaching increases productivity by 88%. Coaching has real power and I believe in it!

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Are you ready for exciting new opportunities?

Are you wanting to claim the life you know you deserve?

Are you struggling with confidence issues that are holding you back?

Are you determined to make progress with your dreams?

Do you want to increase the power of your business through effective communication?

Do you want to better understand your colleagues and clients to create most effective business relationships?

Do you want to improve your confidence and charisma in presentations to increase your business potential?

If your answer to any or all of the above was "yes!" coaching can do much for you! From my experience working with many different clients I can confidently acclaim the power coaching has. As their coach I have been able to help my personal clients empower themselves to find creative solutions to grow in confidence and achieve their dreams; from organising their lives and conquering their fitness habits to claiming dream job roles and overcoming negative mind chatter. This has enabled them to take back the reins of their lives and live a life of their choosing.

With my business clients I have worked to improve their understanding of different personality styles and how this can influence their customer decisions and help them create strong relationship foundations, within their companies, but also with their customer base to expand their projections and increase their capacity and profits.

If this sounds exciting, coaching could be just what you need right now!

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Coping in the Crisis

With the current Covid-19 situation I am aware there will be so many being forced to adapt to a different way of living. Here is a link to a video I have created to help you all survive, strive and thrive in Lockdown. If you find it useful please subscribe to my youtube channel to be the first to receive more top tips.

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Reprogramme your outlook.

In a nutshell, coaching is there to support clients and businesses maximise their potential by improving communications and confidence, empowering them to see their strengths and motivating them to optimise their performance.

The Leap

"Opportunities arise for those who are ready for them"



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London, UK


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