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Don't let your self worth be limited to your career value during this pandemic.

I read an article this week entitled “self worth not net worth” by Jackee Holder and it really inspired me!

She reminded me how we are not just the sum of our academic or career prowess. We as people are more rounded than that and there is success in everyday living which we often don’t take enough time to celebrate.

Which is why this year has been tough. Because we aren’t achieving what we might have pre-pandemic, mid pandemic what is going on doesn’t seem to be as much. We forget the enormity of simply pulling ourselves out of bed some days. Our whole existence thrown in to turmoil and documented expertly in Maslow’s hierarchy triangle. (We have base deficiency needs of human connection, security of health, work and finance that aren’t being met to our normal levels and then we wonder why life is actually more challenging. )We don’t give ourselves credit for the effort the journey is taking right now.

Also because the successes are different doesn’t mean they are any less successful. I had a chat with a wonderful talented friend the other day who worried he wasn’t accomplishing anything, yet has racked up 3 new qualifications, set up a stretching and meditation class, created wonderful recipes and is embarking on an exciting secondary career. As well as being an all round healthy wonderful vegan being. He simply said he doesn’t feel he’s doing much in comparison to his pre Covid life which was a lot less static in place and situation but still had a similar amount of over-achieving! Auditions, classes, teaching, jobs. However this was all running around whilst now we are confined to a more localised pace. Which I think is where he forgot he had achieved so much, possibly even more. As there was less “running around” involved.

What I loved about the article was Jackee suggests rather than simply listing your achievements as a line create a wider bubble. Allow space for the day to day exertions too-the lockdown silent disco in the kitchen for your child’s birthday, the anxiety inducing trip to the supermarket where you feel the need to decontaminate everything down to the last carrot when you get in, the time it takes to organise the computer setup for zoom. As well as the accomplishments which although might feel like a side step are still a step! Who is to say which direction forward is? Celebrate everything you do and are! In the same way children receive stickers for every small accomplishment reward yourself for yours! Yes you made the bed today-that is a mini-win! You did the laundry at the same time as having a zoom workshop- go you!! It will not only motivate you on but will give you a sense of what you’ve been doing this last year! Which is anything but nothing!


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