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Day 7 - self love

Ok so Day 7-comparison is the killer of self love:

A silent assassin or maybe a bit of a louder critic in our ears than that.

So as an actress I am well aware of comparison-it is part of the daily fear around the profession and definitely auditions. In the waiting room-who doesn’t sit there listening to everyone else belting their highest notes either thinking thank god that’s not my casting, or shit, was her shade of blonde a nicer shade than mine? Maybe she was chattier? funnier? vocals were better? Oh god why am I here doing this? The answer is we love it! If we didn’t we definitely wouldn’t put ourselves through this comparative hell! Or what if we could show up and accept ourselves with self love-no comparison to accentuate our doubts? And realise we are as worthy as everyone else and we all have our individual skills and attributes-that make us stand out from the rest? So we can love ourselves and also wish the best for everyone around us. Knowing success and dreams are there in abundance and celebrating the successes of others actually doesn’t hamper our own chances of achieving-perhaps even sits us on that higher vibration to realise our dreams!

So how to stop comparing? As Lindsey Lohan’s character “Kady” discovers in Mean Girls criticising her opponent won’t have any impact upon her ability to beat her at the mathletes challenge. So instead let’s turn our attention inward instead of out at others and realise our own potential and spend our time focusing on us and what we want! Acknowledging the talents of those around us but also realising our own and taking the time to focus on those instead. Knowing where we want to improve but also where we are quite happy and satisfied right now and celebrate that. We get what we focus on-if we focus on other people we are very caringly loving them-what if we instead focussed on us-so we could drive our own dreams forward?!

Kick that comparison habit!

I challenge you every time you negatively speak about yourself or compare your self to another you must then say 3 self living things to yourself! That’s 3 per one negative! To cancel it out! So self love is challenging-but how are we feeling now?

I’m definitely more positive! Happier and feel brighter! Maybe-just maybe it’s working!

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