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Day 8- Self Love

Day 8 self love So today the book says when we are in a place of self loathing it can be like we are hiding our true selves away from the world because we are too afraid to be seen or in this mindset, we fear being caught out for who we really are. It also says in this state we miss out on revealing our true selves to others and making true and deep connections because of this. It then challenges us to let ourselves be seen-as we truly are, in our most vulnerable state to realise just how unique we are and how appreciated we are for who we are! So I guess it’s like “don’t hide your light under a bushel” topic-if I’m honest I was a bit stumped on how to tackle this it’s more of the same no? Love yourself, drop your security “blankey” idea? We all hide behind makeup, stomach holding in pants, personas, language and “speaking correctly” as it once was known-having to have elocution lessons to be taken seriously. But...a new frame? Then it dawned on me-“the real full monty”, to raise prostate cancer awareness! I watched this programme last year and was astounded at the information it revealed that I and presumably so many others were so unaware of. (no I didn’t just watch it to see men dancing about semi-or not so semi nude! Though I did listen to a guilty feminist podcast earlier!) anyway I digress, the point being last year and again this year I was so impressed by the courage it took for these men (and women tonight-but haven’t watched that episode yet) to bare all, against their natural instincts and foregoing their insecurities because of a higher purpose and goal! Coming together and because of their openness with one another, bonding in a way that can only be described (by me as I’m no professional writer) as beautiful. So back to topic-how does this relate? Well I think innately it does-people who were previously unconnected became connected on a powerful level through this shared experience and honesty by revealing their true selves to one another-and did it matter that they weren’t all the same cardboard cutouts the magazines are shaming us in to thinking we should be?! Not in the slightest! They were all unique and special and wonderful and gorgeous in their own ways! It was enlightening to think how liberating that must have been for them through their courage and how we too can be liberated from the confines of our lives by just being honest about who we truly are. On another level this honesty and trust allowed them to grow in confidence with one another-inspired by one another to be more open about their true selves. And so doing raising incredible awareness nationwide. This can be done on so many levels-mental health like people talking about their bits has been a bit of a social taboo. It isn’t done, so so many either shy away from checking a lump in fear, or refuse to seek the mental help they need through a concern for social stigma. These stigmas need to be broken-because when they are we are made stronger. The men baring all and telling their experiences encourages others to feel it’s ok to do the same-similarly the ladies on Guilty Feminist podcast assessing mental health earlier-talking about it getting it out in the open and making it ok actually helps us all. It can save those who are in the throes of anxiety or depression in the same way getting a lump caught early can! We can all save ourselves and each other by standing up and being honest and being ourselves! In what ways do you think you can be more honest with yourself and with those around you so you can all grow together? Follow these links for more info:-

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