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Day 9-self love challenge

Day 9 self love Focus on the positives! So today the book says that our ego will always find evidence to support what we think is true. So it’s time to look past those limiting beliefs holding us back. We can all be guilty of thinking someone has given us a compliment “to be nice” rather than simply accepting it to be true-yet will take any criticism as an absolute truth because it ties in with our own lack of self esteem. Today is the day to break the table legs off the old beliefs so we can proudly believe what we want to! You are not what you think you are, instead what you think, you are! So let’s think of all the positives about ourselves to really cement them as or reality! Now the book says to make a list of good points-but having already jumped ahead there I suggest instead you make a time line of everything in your life you are proud of. Including EVERYTHING-I will start with having the conviction at 7 that I wanted to be vegetarian and look after the planet that way. Note all these wonderful things shaped the people we are! Think of fears you have been able to overcome, and how that was essentially changing a belief, this is an exercise to help you change your self beliefs in to self love. I know this is possible! When I was 4 I was bitten by a dog at the end of a family holiday and had to have stitches. After that I was very afraid of dogs-even little ones! I remember once being at a family friend’s house and being so terrified of their bichon frise in the garden I climbed up the slide steps crying and wouldn’t come down until the dog was put away-and all he wanted to do was play-he was hardly aggressive but I couldn’t see past the idea that dogs were frightening! The problem with this belief-that actually made me cross roads and hide behind my parents, was I wanted to be a vet. Dogs being one of the most obvious pets this was going to be a problem! So I knew I had to overcome it. So I forced myself, made myself pet the neighbours dogs and even though it was hard, the more I told myself I liked dogs the more I believed it! To the point now, where no I didn’t become a vet but I would love to have a dog and go incredibly gooey over all my friends dogs! Such a change! Knowing how possible it is to change beliefs with a little energy and effort what beliefs do you want to believe? And what evidence can you find in your life to help you believe them?

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