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Day 11-self love

Day 11 self love So today the book is saying to rid ourselves of everything that undermines our confidence. Magazines that make us feel we aren’t thin enough. Adverts that are telling us we aren’t enough unless we buy whatever they are selling. This can also include choosing not to listen to even those well meaning friends-“oh I wouldn’t do it like that-that won’t work-do it like this!” Now as a people pleaser I have had problems in the past listening to my inner voice and have therefore felt I must listen to these adverts/magazines/friends and thus my confidence has crumpled. There was one point I spent so much time listening to someone else I almost lost track of me-and then I found coaching and found myself again and a lot more besides! (Hence why I have such belief in it and it’s power) but I digress. Today on the first of April-and apparently spring-(despite the unusually cold weather) we need to spring clean our minds of these influences that make us doubt ourselves. This doesn’t have to mean we walk away from everything-but it means we build ourselves a protective wall or bubble so these things intended helpful or possibly otherwise, simply bounce off. Another Harry Potter reference, we could imagine and produce our own Patronus (those not familiar with the series-a protector from dementors who come to suck out our souls, usually taking the form of an animal-in silvery magic; these deflect the dementors advances) anyways so as I was saying we need to work out what doesn’t help us and instead just makes us feel smaller and choose to protect ourselves from it. One way that really works for me is saying to myself “Is it true? Is it kind? Is it helpful?” Is it true? -is it true for you? Does it resonance with you? Doesn’t matter if someone else says it’s their truth if it’s not yours you don’t have to listen or take it onboard. Is it kind? Was it meant with kindness? Or can you take it kindly? Is it helpful? Can you use this to help you grow? Or learn? If not bye bye! Of course it doesn’t mean don’t be polite-I would suggest still act as lovingly as you can, but whilst staying authentic to you and what you need! Have a think- where you can employ this in your life? Have a practice! And remember you are the only you in existence! Enjoy your role! Your strengths and your uniqueness!  

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