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Day 16 -self love

I still need to work on my "engaging" titles!

So today the book says to meditate and enjoy meditating! Both in the traditional formal kind, sit and focus on your breathing and also the informal being present in clam moments kind - taking a walk in nature, concentrating on your senses, having a long bubble bath, while thanking your body for everything it has done for you. Zone out with an activity or craft you love doing, Sit still and just listen to everything around you.

Now I always notice a difference with formal meditation - I've been listening to a guided self loving meditation recently - someone talking me through getting in tune with myself and giving me affirmations to repeat - it's lovely - I'm quite happy to zone in to that for 10 minutes and feel pretty wonderful about me after! But I also know I do a load of things "wrong" when I meditate - I find it supremely relaxing and so I tend to play it before bed, with the intention I might drop off half way through - I lie down rather than sit and half the time at the beginning I'm really making a list of everything I have to do tomorrow, but by the point I've let go, I find it super healing. This is, I find it healing when I take the time to do it - because setting aside 10 minutes is quite hard isn't it?! But I always feel the benefit of having a meditation habit so this is a bit of a polite reminder, or kick up the backside to get back on it!

So I've done my mediation for the day and I'm feeling calmer - it's amazing the difference 10 minutes can make to my whole outlook and mood. Note to self - Definitely worth remembering!

But the thing I am really excited about is the mindful living, informal meditation. This I can really get on board with - after all it feels slightly more productive - (note the little whip lurking there!) Also I feel like I can embody it a bit more. And I feel excited about getting this calm zone in to my body as well as my mind too. I intend to go on a walk (as its actually sunny!! mayb spring is finally here) and then paint a box as I'm currently redecorating my room - which is making me very happy! so I am sure these will add to my mood and be very self loving! This book is certainly working for me!

How are you all getting on? What are you going to do for yourself today? Do you prefer the idea of formal or informal meditation? Are you going to be kind and self loving enough to make some of this a new habit? (That is something I really need to think about!)

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