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Day 18 self love

Time to journal! Ok so the book says for us to use today to journal. Get down on paper everything we are thinking about this experience/experiment so far! What is working? What isn’t working? What do we want to do more of? What feels a bit alien now? What are we learning about ourself? How can you include others in your self love journey? Are you being honest with yourself about all the above? I find such release in this sort of free writing! It reminds me of morning pages from “The Artist’s way” throwing out the thoughts clogging your head so you can think clearly! Also I was listening to a podcast earlier saying how important journaling is in helping us to get in touch with ourselves. Because the more we write the deeper we delve and peel back (as Shrek would say) the layers of the onion that make us up! Only when we truly know ourselves can we start to accept and love ourselves and trust our intuition. Today all I could think was how expectation is unhelpful. And losing expectation is the biggest freedom we can grant ourselves. Or at least I can rant myself-I’m sure everyone is different. The book also asked in what ways I am as I want to be and it takes me back to the original question from day one-“do you love yourself?” and I feel slightly awkward in answering. Which I take to be progress because I am starting to love myself. I mean I am accepting I am a work in progress but I am kinder on myself and realising that actually this loving version of me, towards myself, is making me so much happier! Last night I got in to bed and I suppose rather sickeningly just grinned with joy at how happy I am with my life right now. Even though things aren’t all as I hope them to be, I am taking time to be grateful for what I have and accepting my progress on the journey and it’s a truly joyful experience! I will add one more suggestion to all the questions from today’s page. Start writing your own self love rules/commandments. What you need and what you will grant yourself to live by as the most loving way to behave for yourself! Mine definitely needs to start with:- Remember it’s ok to take time for me-(even 20 minutes a day can calm my mind and change my whole outlook and demeanour.) As for the rest- remembering I’m a work in progress I’m not going to rush them-just ponder on what I really need, the self love laws of my life. What are your self love laws?

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