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Day 19-self love

Forgiveness So today the book tells me/us (anyone who has been going along with me) To forgive ourselves. That doesn’t mean sweeping under the carpet misdemeanours and mistakes, forgetting or burying them. It means acknowledging them, taking responsibility for them, and growing past them, accepting you are on a journey. And as Edison said, (on his progress with making a lightbulb) -“I have not failed, I’ve just found 100000 ways that won’t work” It is sometimes far easier to forgive others than ourselves. What do we do when we allow them this forgiveness which we don’t do for ourselves? See past the flaw and accept them as they are, remembering their strengths and worth to us, so possibly we need to do the same self-lovingly! I know we can all be guilty of carrying a little backpack of chapters of our “wrongs” along with us, weighing us down. Stopping us from being able to lift ourselves up and love ourselves; because a person who is capable of.....(said transgression) isn’t worthy of...(what we truly desire) How does carrying this back pack help? What if we try to unpack it? Look at what we have done and what we have learnt and how we have grown and how we still wish to grow further so we can turn even these moments of shame or sadness or regret in to positives. Think of lord of the rings-Boromir succumbed to the power of the ring and tried to steal it from Frodo, immediately regretted his decision and then was resolute in his decision to fight the foe-(spoiler alert) to the bitter end. It was his experience that informed his decision to stand firm against the ring and Sauron and the Orcs because he had learnt. My point being he became a hero because he grew past his mistakes. I’m not sure he forgave himself-but Aragorn forgave him and it was clear that lifted his burden. So what if instead of relying on forgiveness elsewhere, we choose to forgive ourselves? Will this then allow us to show up as the best version of ourselves ready to grow and be our best, rather than focusing on reasons why we can’t do that. What are you holding on to that you need forgiveness for? How would it feel to truly face it, learn and then let it go? What do you need to be able to forgive yourselves and unpack this backpack so you can enjoy your life and believe you deserve the life of your dreams?  

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